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Find Your Soulmate

Text and Image Copyright Notice. Published under copyright by Loveawake India. © Copyright 2010-2020. All rights reserved.

Are you searching for your soulmate? Are you in a relationship with someone that you wish was your soulmate? Are you uneasy about whether you are really in love?

Did you ever wonder why over fifty percent of first marriages end in divorce? Maybe it's because most people are married to someone else's soulmate. That's what happens when you settle.

Deep inside, when you met this person, you knew this was not the one you wanted. Did you decide to just hang out with them for a while, waiting for your soulmate to appear? And, after a while, did you begin to think that no one better was going to come along, so you decided that you had better be satisfied with what you had rather than looking for someone else...because they might not exist?

It happens like that for a lot of people. The problem with compromised relationships is that when you put any two people together for very long, even if they are terribly unsuited for each other, they will bond. Add some physical intimacy, mutual friends, and eventually, some shared history, and you have a relationship with an uneasy base...because it was probably never meant to be.

Here is a check list of behavior that indicates settling. It can help guide you to a better choice; to your soulmate; to your deeper destiny.

You are:


You find that you have a need to talk to someone about the rightness of the relationship. You constantly question if you two should be together. You think things are okay one day and then you are not so sure the next. You have continual doubts and then you doubt your doubts.

Looking over your shoulder

Part of you knows that your soulmate is out there. You keep seeing other people that you think might be interesting and you wonder what they are like. If you met someone stunning and they wanted to go out with you, you would have a hard time deciding what to do. You would want to go but you would also feel guilty.


You miss the "falling in love" stage that you once felt for someone else, or that you have heard about for other people, or that you have seen in the movies. You wish you could feel that way for this person.

Talking yourself into it

You find that you are often talking yourself into this relationship, saying things like, "No one has a perfect match," or, "This is a really nice person and I just can't walk out," or, "I'm just lucky to have found someone to love me, I am too picky, and I should be satisfied."

If any of these thoughts or behaviors are occurring in your life while you are with someone, perhaps you are settling for less than you want.

If you stay with someone for the wrong reasons, you will always find fault with them. They deserve better...and so do you.

Perhaps it is time to have the hard conversation, tell the truth, and make a decision from that place.

Let your motivation be this: your soul mate is waiting for you.

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