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grants for truck drivers to buy a truck?

The Council of Ministers last Friday, February 15, approved a new aid plan (published in the BOE on Monday, 18) for the acquisition of vehicles powered by alternative energies and the installation of infrastructure for recharging electrical units , among other sections; the plan is endowed with 45 million euros, and will be distributed by the Autonomous Communities.

This is MOVES (Efficient and Sustainable Mobility Incentive Program) and encompasses all types of vehicles, from bicycles to trucks.

Regarding transport, the incentive ranges from € 5,000 for an electric light vehicle to € 15,000 for a heavy transport vehicle .

The scrapping of an N1 vehicle (up to 3.5 tons of MMA) older than seven years is made a condition for subsidizing the purchase of the new one. In addition, manufacturers, vehicle importers or points of sale must add a minimum discount of 1,000 euros on the invoice.

grants for truck drivers to buy a truck


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