Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Aarogyasri?
    • Aarogyasri is a unique health scheme being implemented by State Government throughAarogyasri Health Care Trust. The scheme provides financial assistance to BPL families to meet the catastrophic health needs.
  • What is the need for Health Scheme?
    • Health Scheme is an effective model to enable the poor families to avail quality medical treatment for serious ailments in a cashless manner, using medical infrastructure in both the private and public hospitals.
  • How much of Financial coverage is provided under the scheme?
    • The scheme provides coverage up to 2.0 lakhs for each family per year. Rs.1.50 lakhs financial coverage on family floater basis i.e. if some amount is utilized by any of the family member the remaining amount will be available to the other members of the family. Plus an additional sum of Rs.50,000 buffer on recommendation of technical committee constituted by the Trust for deserving cases on an individual / family basis.
  • Who are the beneficiaries under the scheme?
    • All the BPL families identified by BPL ration card issued by Civil Supplies Department are eligible. All the people whose photo and name appear on Health Card / BPL (White, Annapurna and Anthyodaya Anna Yojana) ration card and suffering from identified diseases are eligible for availing treatment under the scheme.
  • What are the ailments identified for which I can get treatment under Aarogyasri?
    • Serious diseases affecting Heart, Kidney, Cancer, Brain, Burns and accident cases etc., are covered under the scheme. A total of 938 Surgeries / Therapies in 31 systems are covered under the Aarogyasri Scheme. The list of these Surgeries / Therapies is available with PHC Doctors and Network Hospitals.
  • How to know that I am suffering from these diseases?
    • The common symptoms are enlisted in the Brochure on Aarogyasri provided to all the BPL families. You may approach any of the PHC or Government Hospital near to you to know about your disease. You may contact Aarogyamithra at these hospitals for facilitation. You may also approach a Health Camp conducted by the Network Hospital. The 24 hour call centre with toll free number 104 also will guide you in this regard.
  • What about coverage for other diseases?
    • The existing Government Medical Infrastructure from PHC, CHC, Area Hospital, District Hospital and Specialty Hospitals can effectively provide free Treatment for other diseases.
  • What will be the role of Government hospitals?
    • Government Hospitals will continue to play a vital role in delivering free health care in other sectors such as Preventive Medicine, Primary health care, Secondary Health Care and tertiary care for the disease other than those in Aarogyasri. They can also get empanelled to treat Aarogyasri Cases wherever facilities are available and can plough back money from the scheme for their development. The PHC's and Area Hospital also act as referral points for the patients.
  • Who is implementing the programme?
    • State Government through Aarogyasri Health Care Trust is implementing the Programme.
  • Who is paying the premium?
    • The entire premium is paid by the Government on behalf of the BPL families.
  • Is there any enrollment to be done to avail the benefits?
    • No. There is no separate enrollment, all the BPL families holding valid white ration card are automatically covered from the day of implementation of the scheme.
  • Can all the Hospitals in the state provide treatment under the scheme?
    • Cashless treatment under the scheme is provided to beneficiary in a Network Hospital. Trust after due verification of Infrastructure will empanel the hospital as a Network Hospital under the scheme. This is done to ensure quality treatment for the patient. The list of network hospitals with the specialties is available with Aarogyamithra. You can also avail this information by calling toll free number 104.
  • Is there any person who will help me in the hospitals?
    • Yes. A facilitator called Aarogyamithra will be available in all these hospitals to register, facilitate the treatment and guide you for all the services. Aarogyamithras are also available in PHC / CHC / Area Hospital / District Hospital and other government hospitals and in the health camps to facilitate examination, screening and referral. Aarogyamithras are also placed at network hospital to guide and facilitate cashless treatment in the network hospital.
  • How Can I recognize Aarogyamithra?
    • Aarogyamithras are provided with uniform with a Aarogyasri logo on the apron for easy identification and placed at Aarogyasri kiosk, a special help desk situated at reception in the hospital. The Aarogyamithras in PHC / CHC will be available in the PHC / CHC during OP hours.
  • What are the other services provided by Aarogyamithra?
    • He / She receives you in the network hospital, counsels you, verifies your health card, takes the digital photograph of you, facilitates you for consultation with doctor and admission in the hospital. Facilitates the hospital to send proper pre-authorization for your surgery / treatment. He works in coordination with MEDCO for the above services. Aarogyamithra will also counsel and follow-up the patient on the need of follow-up and available package for the same at the time of discharge.
  • How can I avail the benefits under the scheme?
    • You can avail the benefits of the scheme by approaching any PHC / CHC / Area Hospital / District Hospital or any of the government hospitals nearer to you or any health camp being conducted near your village with the White card / Health Card and medical reports if any. You can also approach the any of the network hospital directly in case of Emergency.
  • Whether accident cases are covered under the scheme?
    • All the major accident cases requiring surgical treatment or hospitalization for one week are covered under the scheme. However to know the details of coverage you may call round the clock toll free number of Aarogyasri call centre number 104.
  • How can I avail benefits under the scheme in case of accidents & emergency as I may not carry White Card/Health Card?
    • In case of emergency admission and if treatment is covered under the scheme in that Network Hospital, 48 hours time will be given to you to produce white card / health card. You shall register with Aarogyamithra in the hospital to avail the services. You may call toll free number 104 to guide you to the nearest network hospital.
  • Will I be taken care properly at the hospitals?
    • Yes. Aarogyamithra will facilitate your registration, admission and treatment in the hospital. Aarogyasri Medical Coordinator (MEDCO), an identified doctor in the hospital will facilitate online approvals and treatment in the hospital. Hospital will provide separate OP and in-patient ward and reserves at least 25% of bed strength in each specialty for Aarogyasri patients
  • What is meant by cashless treatment?
    • All the hospital services from initial evaluation, identification of disease and treatment for the listed diseases is totally cashless under the scheme. Patient need not pay even single pie for these services under the scheme. All that is required is carry your health card or white card along with medical record if any and approach Aarogyamithra for registration and facilitation.
  • What are the services I get in a hospital under the package?
    • Under the package, you will be provided with initial screening in a separate Aarogyasri OP, registration and further evaluation, surgery / therapy and 10 days post-discharge medication. You will be provided free food while in the hospital and transportation charges (equivalent to R.T.C fare from Mandalhead quarters to the hospital).
  • Shall I need to pay the hospital if my initial tests do not confirm the identified disease under the scheme?
    • No. Even after initial tests, if the disease is not confirmed, you need not pay the hospital, as initial evaluation for identified diseases is free under the scheme
  • How can I proceed if initial medical tests conducted suggest that I am not suffering from any of the identified diseases?
    • After free initial evaluation if it is found that the disease is not covered under Aarogyasri, either you can approach any government hospital or you may continue treatment in the same hospital on payment for further treatment.
  • What is the responsibility of the hospital while I am getting discharged?
    • Hospital will provide you discharge summary, 10 days medication, follow-up required etc. while getting discharged. It will also pay you transportation charges as per scheme guidelines
  • Will I be provided food during hospitalization?
    • Yes. You will be provided food during hospitalization as part of treatment under the package.
  • Am I entitled for any transport charges from the hospital?
    • Yes. Transportation charges from your mandal headquarters to the hospital at the rate of RTC fare will be provided to you by the hospital as part of package.
  • What is my role while getting discharged?
    • You shall collect discharge summary from hospital, collect 10 days medication, collect transport charges and ascertain when to come back for follow-up. Having satisfied with services you shall sign the patient satisfaction certificate .You may seek help of MEDCO and Aarogyamithra in this regard.
  • Am I entitled for any follow up services under the scheme?
    • Yes. You can avail follow-up services (Free Consultation, Tests and Medicines) from 11th day of discharge from the hospital for one year for 125 identified surgeries / therapies under follow-up packages. You may contact MEDCO or Aarogyamithra of the hospital where you have been treated.
  • Can I get information on type of specialty services available in a hospital?
    • You can get information on the type of specialty services through toll free number 104. You can also contact Aarogyamithra at PHC/ CHC / Area Hospital / District Hospital / network hospital nearer to you for information. The brochure on Aarogyasri supplied to all the health card holders also contains this information.
  • What are the responsibilities of the hospitals while treating the patients under the scheme?
    • The responsibilities of the hospitals include:
      Separate OP
      Patient registration
      Initial evaluation (diagnostic tests) related to identified diseases
      Identification of disease
      Out-patient prescription
      Admission of in-patients
      Sending pre-authorization for surgery / treatment
      Obtaining approval for surgery
      Treatment / surgery
      Free food during hospitalization
      10 days post discharge medication
      Follow up services for one year for identified diseases under the scheme
      Conducting Health Camps
  • Are there any health camps organized under the scheme?
    • The Network Hospital doctors will screen you and facilitate referral if required if preliminarily diagnosed as suffering from any of the identified disease under the scheme. They also provide consultation and medication for some common ailments at the camp.
  • What are the services provided in a health camp?
    • The Network Hospital doctors will screen you and facilitate referral if required if preliminarily diagnosed as suffering from any of the identified disease under the scheme. They also provide consultation and medication for some common ailments at the camp.
  • Where can I get the Health Camp details?
    • You can get details of the health from the Aarogyamithras in PHC/CHC/Area Hospital/District Hospital nearer to you. You can also have information through toll free call centre number.
  • What is toll free number?
    • Toll free number (104) is specifically maintained by Trust to assist you through call centre. The calls made to this number are not charged to you, hence it is free call.
  • What is a call centre? How it is useful for me?`1
    • A round the clock call centre works with the help line No. 104. Call centre executives can answer both in Telugu and English languages. As it is a toll free number you need not pay any payment for making calls to this number. Call centre answers the queries

      General information on the scheme
      Coverage and benefits under the scheme.
      List of network hospitals
      Speciality services that are available
      Availability of beds in the hospital.
      Information on the services of the hospital.
      Guide you to nearest Network Hospital in emergency
      Coordinate with Network Hospital Aarogyamithra to facilitate your treatment
      Receive complaints if any from beneficiary
      Doctors advice
  • What is Aarogyasri Health Care Trust?
    • Aarogyasri Health Care Trust is an independent Trust constituted by State Government under the chairmanship of Hon'ble C.M. to devise, formulate and implement an health scheme for BPL families in the state.
  • Under whose supervision is the scheme being implemented?
    • Aarogyasri Health Care Trust, an independent Trust constituted by State Government. The day to day activities are supervised by the Chief Executive Officer of the Trust who is also Secretary of the Trust. The Trust is the nodal agency for formulating, implementing and regulating the scheme in coordination with district administration, service providers and technology partners.
  • Will I be getting quality treatment under the scheme? If so how is it ensured by the Trust?
    • Yes. Trust ensures quality treatment is provided to the patient by

      i. Providing facilitator services at the hospital through insurer.
      ii. Stringent empanelment procedure & quality control measures.
      iii. Disciplinary actions against erring hospitals.
      iv. Pre and post treatment online evaluation by specialist doctors.
      v. Round the clock call centre to register complaints.
      vi. Medical audit mechanism.
      vii. In-house vigilance checks on hospitals.
      viii. Elaborate field mechanism.
      ix. Social auditing through feedback letters from beneficiary.
      x. Formulation and implementation of technical and administrative guidelines from time to time.
      xi. Grievance redressal.
  • Is there any Medical Audit mechanism in the Trust?
    • Yes. Chief Medical Auditor of the Trust will scrutinize the treatments given to the beneficiaries in various network hospitals. Further Empanelment and Disciplinary Committee (EDC), a committee setup under the chairmanship of Chief Medical Auditor will look into the complaints against the hospitals and recommend various disciplinary actions against network hospitals based on the severity of the service deficiencies after due verification.
  • Is there any public audit mechanism in the scheme?
    • Yes. Trust through patient feedback letters which are directly posted to the beneficiaries after the discharge ensure a strong social audit mechanism in the scheme.
  • What is the role of District Administration?
    • District Administration will help the Trust in effective implementation of the scheme in the district by conducting reviews with District Coordinator of the Trust and also in conducting health camps and for mobilization of the patients.
  • How can I register my complaint and whom can I contact?
    • You can register your complaints through round the clock call centre toll free number 104.
  • Whom should I contact for registering my grievances?
    • You can contact Aarogyamithra at network hospital. For registration of your complaints in the district level, you may contact District Coordinator of the Aarogyasri Trust or District Collector as District Collector being Chairman of District level committee for grievances.
  • Where can I get further information about the scheme?
    • You can get further information on the scheme by calling round the clock call centre through toll free number 104 or by approaching Aarogyamithra in any of the government hospitals nearer to you.
  • What if any of the family member's name is not there but photo is available??
    • You can approach the hospital with any of the photo identity card such as Voter ID card, Bank pass book, Patta book, Driving License, College, School ID etc., along with your white card / health card.
  • What if any of the family member's photo is not there but name is available?
    • You can approach the hospital with the white card / health card and give written declaration to the Aarogyamithra. Aarogyamithra will register you after checking the online card data.
  • What if my children born after the issuance of the white card, hence neither the photo nor name is available in the card?
    • The children whose name and photo not available on card as they are born after the issue of white ration card can get treatment under the scheme by producing following documents.

      In case of Neonates (newborn) & Emergency cases:

      1. Photograph of child with either parent,
      2. Birth certificate,
      3. Health Card / White Card of either parent.

      Elective case: Beneficiary Certificate in prescribed proforma of Aarogyasri Health Care Trust. You can get beneficiary certificate by approaching the District Collector with proper evidence.
  • What is Pre-authorization?
    • Pre-Authorization is an approval process in Insurance, where in prior approval is obtained by the hospital for providing treatment under the scheme to the beneficiary. In Aarogyasri Scheme the Network Hospital MEDCO will obtain online preauthorization for beneficiary by uploading all the required documents such as white card / health card, medical reports and films, clinical photographs as required. The request will be scrutinized by doctors and specialists from Insurance and then Trust and give final approval. For emergency cases, Telephonic approvals are given as and when the network hospital informs the details of the case by a phone call to 24 hour helpline numbers.